Wednesday, March 19, 2014


On the weekend, I spent a lovely couple of days at The Retreat in Woodend with Abbe, Jules, Faith and Mummy Helen.

This was my second visit, so I'm guessing that I behaved suitably well (or appropriately badly!) first time around for Abbe to invite me back. Obviously I was so caught up in the Christmas rush, I didn't get around to blogging my first Retreat visit though. (Bad blogger, what's new!)

My brain was all over the shop in the week before this trip, so I really had no idea what projects and fabric to pack, or even what I felt like working on, but in the end I had a pretty productive weekend. Maybe my approach to packing - 'just keep chucking stuff in' - was the right plan this time.

A giant star quilt - just because.

A length of bunting - just to keep up with the Bunting Queen, Jules.

Finished off some place mats the kids had been waiting on.

Some scrappy coasters - a la Beccasaurus

And I finished piecing the rest of the Drunkards Path blocks I had cut out.

I also spent a bit of time working on the design and colour scheme for a special project I am working on for a friend. By working on, I mean I brain picked the other gals in the form of, "what about....?", "or I could....", "but if I..." and so on.

Movies choices this time round seemed to be of the retro variety - Point Break, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman - a good way to test the old memory and see how many lines we remembered.

I even managed to call in for a quick (2 hour!) cuppa on the way home with a friend who lives nearby.  All in all, an excellent weekend. Can't wait to do it again.

My daughter asks if I took any photos while away. 
"Of course I did, they're on my phone, go and have a look."
Looks. Big sigh. 
"Not of the stuff you made, Mum, I already saw them on Facebook."
"What then?"
"I wanted to see what The Retreat looked like."

So, next time, I must remember to take enough photos to keep the children happy. Very important.


  1. It was another wonderful retreat! Jebus and I were glad you could come - you are always welcome! Well done on all the finishes and for introducing the small to the iPad. He's swiping all over the place now.
    Ab xx

    1. Glad to hear my swiping training was successful!!


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