Monday, February 24, 2014

A Star Wars Quilt

When I saw this Star Wars panel at The Fat Quarter Shop - I knew I had to make it into a quilt for my Star Wars loving nephew.

I started by cutting each character block out separately, and added borders in coordinating solid colours around each block.

It was looking a little small, so I added an extra border around each one, tilted each block on varying angles and trimmed back. 

With my supervisor napping on the job (and on the quilt), I eventually got the basting done. I really should use more pins, I know, I'm pretty slack with my basting.

I quilted vertically and horizontally in my favourite organic style (which basically means that I don't worry about lines being straight or an even distance apart).

Finished binding while at craft camp in early December (held at The Retreat in Woodend - fabulous place!), and before you know it, I had one Christmas present all under control. 

Nephew is happy, and I'm pretty confident I have the Number 1 auntie position under control.


  1. It's awesome, so much so that my 'seen enough quilts to last a lifetime' husband commented on how cool it is. Well done!

  2. oh wow! so cool! will have to make sure NOT to show the boyfriend, otherwise he will expect one too!
    looks so great!


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